Can you invent a logline for my latest story?

My latest story, ‘The Last Citadel of the Innocent’, is published this week in the second Endless Worlds compilation, along with stories by seven other authors.

Click to buy.

Just before finalising the text, the publisher got hold of all the authors and asked them to supply a promotional logline. What’s that? It’s the single sentence that sums up your story – that makes people want to read it. Mine was: “While trying to rescue his parents from the clutches of city Enforcers, a young soldier finds himself trapped in a war of ancient powers – and has to find the strength in himself to make a terrible choice.”

Now, that pretty much sums it up – go check the story out, incidentally, to find out just how all that works. But it occurred to me that there are many ways of describing stories. These are just f’rinstances. Probably.

“Young soldier has to stop a hot valkyrie’s clothes falling off, and then they fight an evil magician.”

“Hot valkyrie woman tries to recruit innocent young soldier to fight an evil magician, except all their clothes keep falling off.”

“A young soldier foils an evil magician’s plan to rule the world by making everybody’s clothes fall off.”

So here’s the challenge. Go buy the book, read the story, and let’s have a logline contest in the comments. Deal?

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2017




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