The history of Hawke’s Bay

Announcing The History of Hawke’s Bay. My latest book. Out today.

It’s an all new volume about my home district’s past – 260 pages in large format, with over 120 photographs and maps covering the full sweep of the region’s past, from its geological origins through to its Maori history, the rumbustious cowboy world of the settlers, the conservative life of the twentieth century – right through to twenty-first century lifestyles.

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The book is written for the widest audience – for tourists, local readers with interest in their past, and anybody else curious about history. Don’t be fooled by the district focus – it’s an exploration of the ideas and life that shaped New Zealand.  And, for that matter, the US frontier. Really. Want to know what New Zealand frontier society was like? Think ‘Little House on the Prairie’. We even used US spellings, back then.

It’s currently available in print. If you’re in New Zealand, ask at your favourite bookshop. Click here to buy, or click on the cover above. 

Why do you want it? Because history.

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