Ten things people might not know about me

My Adler Gabrielle 25 – on which I typed maybe a million words in the 1980s, including lots of essays, post-grad dissertations and a thesis.

I figured I should do another Q&A or something, what with my latest history book being out this week . So here are a few things people might not know about me.

  • I’ve had formal training in music, writing, martial arts, anthropology, history, various sciences and some other stuff. Some of it got me university degrees and post-grad degrees. I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in London on the strength of my scholarship.
  • My main interest is in people and the human condition.
  • My main science interests are in physics, followed by engineering (usually warship design) but I also wrote a book on the physics of earthquakes (Living On Shaky Ground, Random House, Auckland 2014 – and it’s out of print).
  • I learned music formally over more years than anything else. My last music lesson as a kid was on the day John Lennon died.
  • Physics + music = SYNTHESISERS!
  • My main physics interest is cosmology.
  • I make very bad puns (especially if they’re geeky).
  • I once made a synth realisation of the sinfonia from Bach’s Cantata No. 29, ‘Wir Danken dir, Gott, Wir Danken dir’ in which the tone colours were a pipe organ , harpsichord, strings and a mildly ring-modulated bell. This last meant the whole piece sounded like a Dalek trying to exterminate a carillion.
  • My writing sometimes results in angry strangers exploding at me out of nowhere, seething with hatred, for reasons only they know. Those who earn my respect are those who introduce themselves for a reasonable and polite discussion of whatever is concerning them.
  • My favourite composer is Frank Zappa.
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As for the latest history book, it’s called The History of Hawke’s Bay. It’s in print only, but you can order a copy online. Click to buy.

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