Niburu doom is on its way… again…

Apparently Earth is going to be destroyed by Niburu this month. Again.

The putative Planet 9 and the orbits of the KBOs that were used to deduce the possibility. Credit: Caltech/R. Hurt (IPAC); [Diagram created using WorldWide Telescope.] – See more at:
That didn’t happen last time somebody predicted Niburu was on the way. Or the time before. Or the 286,383 times before that. But once again, it’s predicted, this time by a Christian numerologist using a combination of ancient Egyptian markings in one of the pyramids and some wording in the Bible – specifically, Isiah 13, 9-10.

Evidently the rogue planet is going to sneak up on us from the south, where it can’t be seen – and wham! Earth’s turned to desert and sinners will be destroyed.

What fascinates me is the way it summarises one of the mysteries of the human condition in one neat package. Why do we always imagine sudden doom around the next corner? We do – a lot. It’s built into some religions, and it’s a common belief.

Why humanity is like this has never been scientifically answered to any compelling extent. There have been theories, but nothing much more. It’s an interesting question.


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7 thoughts on “Niburu doom is on its way… again…

  1. I suspect the fear of sudden and unexpected doom was started by religions (in conjunction with heavens and hells) in order to control the masses – i.e., if you do evil or wicked deeds, you will be destroyed – or – if your town, city, community, country, etc, are wicked, it and you will be destroyed by a vengeful God.
    On the other hand, people seem to love being scared 😱😄

  2. Funny how they assume we can only SEE from the surface of this planet and have no scientific way of determining if the planet exists. Well, the planet Ignoramus can do what it’s going to do. I’m busy. 😃

  3. The preoccupation with the “apocalypse,” in whatever flavor of the month it appears, is a fascinating and multi-faceted subject.

    Having lived through the last 3/4 of the Cold War, what always got to me was the feeling there was a flirtation with the actuality of nuclear holocaust. Almost as if it were being courted.

    That ain’t rational.

    The Christian preoccupation with the Book of Revelations and its apocalyptic predictions, that ain’t rational.

    I vividly remember being scared by a new story back in the early 1960s. Evidently some sect in India had decided the world would end in 24 hours, and the TV news showed devotees feeding offerings of food into the mouths of idols. Must have been a glacially slow news day for this to air, but I remember looking at the sunset over the mountains and wondering if it was the last sunset I’d ever see. I think I was 8 or 9 years old.

    It ain’t rational for a kid that young to be that scared.

    So maybe we could conclude that the apocalypse ain’t rational, which doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason of some sort why we feel that. I’d love to know what it is.

    But…I have to ask, why does “coming from the south” necessarily mean no one will see Nibiru coming?

    It also occurs to me that the very real threat of ecological apocalypse is something far too many people in this country turn a blind eye to, and that definitely ain’t rational.

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