The obscure word of the week is zyzzyva

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Zyzzyva has to be one of the most obscure English words ever. It’s the name of a kind of South American weevil (Curculionidae) discovered by Thomas Casey in 1922.

However, according to the OED its etymology (not ‘entomology’, geddit, geddit?) is that it was actually coined as a way of being the last word in a dictionary. And, as of this year’s revision of the OED, apparently it is.

Your challenge? As always, write a sentence (or two) in the comments using this word.

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5 thoughts on “The obscure word of the week is zyzzyva

  1. While blowing through a piece of tracing paper placed over a comb can make a sound like ‘zyzzyva’, it doesn’t half make your tongue tingle.

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