A Christmas present from me to you

This weekend – 16 and 17 December, US time – two of my books are being offered free on Kindle. That’s right. Free. It’s your 2017 Christmas gift from me.

The two books are Explaining Our Weird Universe – which explains everything you didn’t know you needed to know about why quantum physics isn’t magic, why GPS needed Albert Einstein’s genius to work properly, and what happens when you fall (screaming) into a black hole.

And Kiwi Air Power – the Kindle reissue of my original military history, the one that started it all. You can also get that in paperback, if you want – but you’ll have to buy that one.

So – some fun holiday reading. Enjoy! Go grab ’em now.

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2017


5 thoughts on “A Christmas present from me to you

  1. I’ll be getting the Weird Universe one shortly, I read through Carlo Rovelli’s latest book recently so I’m in a science mood. Most of the stuff goes over my head, but still fascinating all the same.


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