Some new year directions for 2018

I never make ‘New Year Resolutions’ as such – for me, change is a case of steadily moving forward and an arbitrary date isn’t important. Still, New Year gives time to reflect, to contemplate, and to look at directions. And I’ve got a few ideas.

  1. I’ve got directions for writing, which will be unveiled – watch this space. Clue: I’m wondering about audio books. This is a different medium that demands a different writing style, because of the need to develop a sonority to the spoken word. There’s also the fact that I mostly do non-fiction – but I was trained in fiction writing and it’s something I want to get back into.
  2. I’m going to engage more with online friends and find new online communities – time for which competes with everything else at the moment. The question with extending online presence is where and how. There are so many options, tools for social media rise and fall like dreams. Needless to say, that’s something I’m keen to take on.
  3. I’m sick of being treated like a war criminal by strangers in New Zealand’s intellectual community. Those doing it also perform as if the fact of their doing so takes away any right I have to object. If I push back, they claim I am ‘weeping’ at their ‘dutiful’ conduct. And yeah, one used those words. Or they reassert their allegation, invalidate my right to object by fabricating reasons why I can’t – then hide behind silence. A university professor did this last year. There’s no question as to what these people are, and normally one wouldn’t dignify their style of moral void by engaging it. But I measure the cost of their intellectual bully-circus in lost income, lost repute, and being shut out of opportunities. I know this is how the local intellectual world works, but maybe it’s time for one or two of these gutless assholes to discover that they cannot invalidate my legal rights by cowering behind silence when I approach them. We’ll see,
  4. I need to get more time for reading. I have an enormous stack to work through already. Have I had time? Nooooo. And that’s without considering all the new stuff coming out.
  5. I hope to get back into music. All but one of my current synths need repair, and one (my genuine 1975 vintage Micromoog) may not be repairable at all without a lot of parts and gear I haven’t got. I have a new 88-note keyboard-controller, mixer, and one new hardware synth (Roland SE-02, Behringer Model D or maybe the Korg Minilogue) on the shopping list if I can get them for the right prices, along with DAW software. Again, we’ll see.

So there we are. And yeah, it’s as much a time thing as anything else. What have you got lined up for 2018? Any plans or directions?

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5 thoughts on “Some new year directions for 2018

  1. Thanks, Matthew! In the past, I have not usually bothered with New Years Resolutions or goals for a new year, but I did set some this year involving writing (looking to publish at least three books this coming year), some spiritual goals as well as some reading goals (I still haven’t nailed that down yet). I’m looking forward to it!

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  2. Yipes! That’s a very full plate you’ve got there. I hope you get to it all. Regarding item #3: I was just talking with my Dad about you. He was pointing out how a lot of academic historians can be virulently clannish and demeaning to anyone outside their little cliques. Some will alter their conclusions (correctness be damned) just to stay within the good graces of the “clan.” I mentioned your difficulties to him. He understands completely. I do hope this year brings a better class of folk into your life.

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    1. Thanks! I have friends in the field too (who have had similar experiences to mine). The problem is ghat I do not work in the academy, or do I have any ambitions for status in it. Nor do I write stuff to engage their world. I write to educate, amuse and entertain a general commercial audience. I do everything on my own initiative and merit, without the support and status these academics have. And yet these people still treat me as if I were an intruder into their protected turf who must be destroyed by any means. Ptooey!

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  3. I am almost finished the first draft of a novel intended to be a one-book sequel to my existing four-book series (hope that makes sense). It will probably take the best part of 2018 to whip it into shape. Then I have to decide what to do about a decent cover image. Then formatting (oh joy!) and publication. That’s the big project. Then there’s the blog, the garden, and life in general…
    Good luck with your goals, especially #2.

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