Hot writing news – ‘Endless Worlds 2’ is out in audio-book!

My novella, ‘The Last Citadel of the Innocent’, part of the second Endless Worlds compilation – has been released as an audio book. It means you can get that story – and the seven others in the anthology – on Kindle, in print, and for your listening pleasure.

Click to buy.

I’m absolutely stoked by this – multimedia is where it’s at, and the publishers have found a top-class professional to read the stories. The anthology itself is a collection of dark faerie tales, stories of high fantasy and myth – including re-tellings of old classics. My own contribution is part of my Gods in Twilight cycle – introducing the young soldier Stilicho and the choices he must make when beset by the power of a city in the grip of an apocalyptic dictator, where any accusation means guilt, no defence; and where the bodies of those accused hang in gibbets on street corners as a warning to others.

So check it out – now in audio. Go on, you know you want to.

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7 thoughts on “Hot writing news – ‘Endless Worlds 2’ is out in audio-book!

  1. Most cool! I might not go for the audio book but for the kindle version instead. I’ve already got one endless worlds volume. Seems like it’s time for another.


    1. Cool! Thank you. My story’s the first of what I hope will be a much grander cycle in the milieu I’ve devised (complete with a map) and (as you’ll see when you read it) basically ends on a cliffhanger…

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    1. Hi – thanks for the heads-up. Yes, I covered that story in my book on the battle for Crete. The article isn’t quite as detailed as it might be, the charge was actually conducted by 28 (Maori) Battalion, and it remains one of the more remarkable actions of the war when you think that they were exhausted, but still managed to push the German forces back over 600 metres with a single charge.

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