Eight years of blogging – let’s party!

It’s eight years this week since I started blogging. It’s been a blast.

My Adler Gabrielle 25, seen here on the Wellington waterfront (hey, typewriters don’t often get fresh air…)

I’ve been blown away by the scale of readership, which I never expected when I started. That’s been helped by the fact that my blog was ‘Freshly Pressed’ by WordPress.com in 2013, and was then hit by a ‘Redditlanche’ in 2015, which still generates many hits a day. What’s been more important for me is that through this blog I’ve met and had regular exchanges with many wonderful people around the world, from the UK to South Africa to Canada, Australia and the United States, extending in some cases to ongoing mail contact and Skype sessions – people who have become friends.

Since 2010 I’ve written 1790 posts totalling 746,881 words, which makes this blog longer than The Lord Of The Rings. Though I suspect the late Professor T. didn’t publish his masterpiece via 417-word episodes (on average) on different topics. In the same period I’ve written 12 books, variously published by Penguin, Random House (later amalgamated), Oratia, Bateman and others, totalling about 800,000 words. I also wrote literary-essay style reviews and feature articles for mainstream print media (I haven’t counted, but here’s the list); peer-reviewed papers; and organised the reissue of 11 of my back-list titles, including a revised edition of my 120,000 word Illustrated History of New Zealand (Bateman, Auckland 2012). All this adds to a professional writing career that’s extended back over 30 years and includes (at March 2018) 58 books and over 550 articles and what-not.

Me practising the Carlos Santana Secret Chord Progression on my Roland Alpha-Juno 2.

When I was a kid my inspiration for direction was Isaac Asimov, who wrote prolifically on everything – fiction and non-fiction alike – without compromising quality or intellectual rigour. That’s an angle I have pursued, including making grammar and structure second nature, so I can focus on understanding and expressing the content of the topics.

Right now I’m posting three times a week. Mid-week’s reserved for an obscure English word, with posts on Saturday and Monday (Friday night and Sunday evening for my US friends) on topics ranging from science to history, social commentary and more – a magazine approach that’s appealing to me and, I hope, to you.

This blog isn’t my only online presence. Do jump across to my Facebook author page and ‘like it’, if you haven’t already. I’m out there on Twitter – check out my page and follow me. Yeah, I know, I have a weakness for bad science puns. And I have a website which is worth a look.

Of late I’ve been writing regularly for Navy General Board, a really excellent US naval history website – go check my articles out there.

So thank you, my friends, for your kindnesses and support. And here’s to many more years of great blogging and wonderful exchanges with people of like interests from around the world.

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15 thoughts on “Eight years of blogging – let’s party!

  1. I’ve only been around for about 51/2, but I’ve enjoyed you blog immensely. You have a nice variety to keep a person’s interest without being boring. (I enjoyed the books of yours that I’ve read so far too!!)


    1. Thank you. It’s hard to say what was the most fun – I always enjoy the science writing I do, and the history. One of my favourites was the post I wrote about what it would be like to plunge into a Black Hole.


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