Kiwi Air Power – free on Kindle for a couple of days

A pile of my military histories have all received new covers this week – and there’s another to be reissued on 4 August. To mark the moment, the first of the series, Kiwi Air Power, is available free this weekend on Kindle.

I first proposed this book to Reed NZ Ltd in 1994, contracted it in 1997, and it was published the following year in a lovely edition with slip-jacket and hard cover. It sold out quickly. I didn’t request a reprint – moving on instead to a sequel (about which more anon) and other books for Reed. A lot of other books. In their official 2007 history, I was named as virtually needing my own imprint.

Anyhow, Kiwi Air Power remained out of print until 2015, when it was reissued for Kindle and – soon afterwards – in print. And now it’s been re-re-issued, as it were, with a new cover – part of a very strongly branded series of covers for the entire eight-book military series – nine if you count the omnibus bind-up edition that collects three of them in one cover.

Click to buy

Depending on the gyrations of the international date line, I believe the ‘free’ period is actually going to be from Friday night through to midnight Saturday, US time. Check it out. And if you do want the print copy, you can buy that too – it’s all good.

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