The obscure word of the week is feoffee

look_it_up_T httpwww.clipartpal.comclipart_pdeducationdictionary_10586.htmlThis week’s obscure English word is feoffee.

It maybe sounds like a kind of extra cost on your coffee order, or maybe a mis-spelling of ‘covfefe’, but actually it’s a noun derived from old feudal terminology, and in the modern sense refers to a trustee of a freehold estate used for charitable purpose.

Your challenge: write a sentence or two in the comments using this word.

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2018


One thought on “The obscure word of the week is feoffee

  1. After another cup of coffee maybe I can come up with something clever about the relationship between “feofee” and “enfeoffment” but right now the neurons and synapses are still barely speaking to each other. I once had to endure a class on property law, and it included a bit on feudal property law in England. Quite illuminating in an excruciatingly boring way. I think my neurons believe they are enfeoffed by my brain, while the synapses view their tenure as data storage more as feofees.

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