This week’s feature book cover – Blue Water Kiwis

This year a whole series of my older print books have been brought back into print as second editions. They’ve come with new covers – strongly branded, themed, and to my mind highly evocative of the subject matter.

I featured the first of them a couple of weeks back. Here’s another. I wrote it way back in 2000 for the sixtieth anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy, and it was launched on board the flight deck of HMNZS Te Kaha, the ship now featured on the cover.

However, that launch wasn’t entirely the highlight of the evening. That happened earlier, when my wife and I were locked out of our motel room and I ended up having to re-enter it through the kitchen window, with the result that I found myself descending head-first into the sink. It was a lot more memorable than the speech I gave on that flight deck. The life of an author, I tell you.

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This book’s currently only available on Kindle, but a print edition is expected for early 2019. Click to buy.

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