Top tips to beat writers’ block

It’s National November Writing Month – the month when writers around the world join in a quick-fire effort to complete a story of 50,000 words in just 30 days. I’m marking it this month by re-posting some of the material I’ve published in past years to help writers get to that goal.


Writers’ block is a perennial problem – the inevitable moment when a blank page refuses to fill. And if you’re working to a tight deadline – as professionals do, and as happens in November’s National Novel Writing Month, you’ll know the frustration. I thought I’d re-post some tips from my archives to help you through.

Some writers claim there’s no such thing as ‘writers block’. I think there is, though. It happens when you’re confronted with a blank page and the words don’t come.

Essential writing fuel!
Essential writing fuel!

Sometimes, if a deadline looms – or NaNoWriMo calls – you have to just slug ahead. Here are a few of the quick ways I use to unstick:

  1. Are you stuck on the first sentence? Start with the second, or third. Write from there and then back-fill. That’s what word processors are for.
  2. Still stuck? Check the time, leave your writing desk or whatever, and go do something else for five minutes and DON’T think of the writing problem. Just five. Not long enough to get out of the ‘zone’, but long enough to subconsciously switch gears. Do NOT do ‘something else’ on your computer, like social media or that half-finished Kerbal Space Program scenario. The trick here is to have a change of scene – and to control the time away.
  3. If that doesn’t work, go do something else for 20 minutes – for instance, go for a walk around the block, if you can do it safely. This time, think of the writing problem while you’re on the walk, but only for the first five minutes or so.  Then take in the moment – what you’re walking through, what the day’s like, or whatever. That think-then-don’t-think part is important, and so is the physical activity.

Do these work for you? Do you have any particular tips you follow when you’re stuck on a writing problem?

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4 thoughts on “Top tips to beat writers’ block

  1. At this time of year in the northern hemisphere, going out and raking some leaves for half an hour or so is a good way to disengage. Leaf-raking is fairly mindless, and the repetitive movements get the brain into a sort of meditative state. Of course you have to have leaves, and a rake. Not everyone does.

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    1. I do – NZ’s indigenous trees are evergreen, but of course the local city council just HAD to plant deciduous trees all along the berm, and by virtue of the higher gyrations of local winds, the whole street-load usually ends up in my driveway come autumn. Usually a bit more than I’d comfortably want for writing diversion purposes! 🙂

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