I’m not Matthew Wright from the University of Exeter

I recently fielded a query from a group of US students congratulating me on my work in classical literature and requesting an interview in which they proposed to ask me about aspects of Greek tragedy.

OK, so how many Matthew Wrights live on THIS planet? NASA, public domain.

I had to decline. I write on many subjects, but classical-era Greek literature is not among them. The problem was that they had mistaken me for the British classics historian at the University of Exeter who, according to Google, also wrote some of my key books. They realised their mistake after emailing me – and I wished them all the best for their essays.

Still, there’s no question that my name is a bit common. There are 42 people with my name on the New Zealand electoral roll alone. As for my publications – well, I’ve been trying to get that Google error corrected for a while, but they tell me I first have to correct their erroneous source. I suppose I need to contact my namesake and ask him to assist. I’m sure he won’t want to be credited with my stuff any more than I want to be with his.

For the record, my official publications list is here: http://matthewwright.net/?page_id=13

My academic affiliation isn’t with the University of Exeter, but with University College in London, as I’m a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

And there is a comprehensive record of what I’ve published, held by the Legal Deposit Office at the National Library of New Zealand.

On the plus side, so far nobody’s mistaken me for the Matthew Wright who was apparently prosecuted for beating people up on the streets of Norwich, while dressed as an Oompa Loompa. No really: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-norfolk-24271363

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  1. I occasionally get interesting emails too, I’ve had two wedding invitations in South Africa addressed to the wrong Claire McAlpine, some wealth management advice, I’m just waiting for inheritance.

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