The obscure word of the week is griskin

look_it_up_T httpwww.clipartpal.comclipart_pdeducationdictionary_10586.htmlThe last obscure English word for 2018 is griskin.

It’s the lean part of a pork loin, thought to have originated perhaps in the seventeenth century from dialectical ‘gris’, itself derived from Old Norse ‘griss’, meaning pig.

There are more words coming in 2019. Watch this space!

Your challenge right now: write a sentence or two in the comments using this word.

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2 thoughts on “The obscure word of the week is griskin

  1. I got a “Word of the Day” app for my phone that’s useful. Derring-do popped up recently, which is a great word. Always reminds me of Michael Palin’s Pontius Pilate in Life of Brian.

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