A few New Year anti-resolutions

It seems incredible that we’re already nearly a week into 2019 already. Just 20 years ago I was trying to get over the fact that I had been partying like it was 1999. Where have the years between gone?

Here’s that crossroads again.

What have you got lined up for 2019? Any resolutions for the year to come? Let me know in the comments. Whatever may come your way, I hope it’s a good one for you.

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5 thoughts on “A few New Year anti-resolutions

  1. Editing, world building, and mapmaking will dominate my year. I’ve Carrdia novels to go through and some congruence fixes to make in them. I’ll probably finish the Pannulus map fix this month, but (for my own reference) have other maps to make for the cities of Arthune, Raspell, and then Cape Caprice. My Pannulus world building, which has been inconsistent to this point, needs to be taken more seriously since all my short stories have given me terrific insights into it. There’s also NaNo in November, but as of now I’ve no specific plans for it. On a personal level there’s always maintaining my health, but I’d like to do so with more hiking this year, which was absent last year.

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  2. Remember when we were young and Christmas’ and birthdays were a WHOLE year away?
    I haven’t planned anything for 2019. It seems the more I do, the longer my ‘to-do’ lists grow. I thought retirement was supposed to be slow and easy?

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  3. I quit making New Year resolutions a few years back. The ones I used to make rarely got completed so why bother. Since I quit making them I’ve gotten more accomplished. I got one book published, have an online presence, and have lost a couple pounds. Maybe I was making the wrong resolutions?

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