What five super-powers would you most like to have?

Every so often I see something on Facebook asking you to name which super-powers you’d most like to have.That’s actually pretty cool, because – you know, super-powers.

NASA, public domain, via Wikipedia.

We all know what these are – invulnerability, invincible strength, teleportation, telekinesis, flying, being magnetic, telepathy, X-ray vision, squirting spider-web from your wrist and doing Tarzan swings with it, that sort of thing. There’s a lot more, of course. And yet, somehow, I can’t help thinking that they all miss something. So, being a tad geeky, I thought I’d list off the five I’d like:

1. Ability to control electromagnetic, weak and strong nuclear forces, in any quantity and at any location, at will.

2. Ability to warp space-time to any extent, in any location and for any duration, at will.

3. Ability to create quantum vacuum-fluctuations to any scale and duration, in any location, at will.

4. Ability to control quantum wave-function collapse to any scale, for any duration, in any location, at will.

5. Ability to utilise all of the above, likely via second-order and emergent property effects, to achieve whatever I am thinking of.

I did think of writing stories involving a character that could do all this, which means that the plot drama would totally have to come from the characterisation, as long as they didn’t get trapped in a bottle. I can explain in the comments.

Meanwhile – what are your top five desirable super-powers?

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7 thoughts on “What five super-powers would you most like to have?

    1. Time’s a tricky one – apparently nobody knows quite what it actually is in a physics sense, and Einstein’s equations work perfectly well if it was running in the other direction. Which I understand it might be; apparently we might not be able to tell (and this despite the fact that hot water always cools down).

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  1. Teleportation would be great for travelling without all the bother of flying via airplanes. Invisibility would come in handy in all sorts of situations. And GP’s idea of eating without weight gain, now that might be the best!

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    1. Teleportation would be great. It’d solve a lot of hassles – and you can imagine being able to pop in to Harrods, London for a quick bit of shopping before having lunch over in New York a minute or so later, then back home for the afternoon before taking a pre-dinner swim off Koh Samui. Very cool.

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  2. I’d want to be able to time travel. Like GP Cox, I’d also love to be able to eat anything I wanted and it not hurt my body or cause me to gain weight. I would wish for perfect memory retention, but I’d worry it could be a curse. If I could time travel at will, I could just go back and check on things if needed.

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