Check out the Navy General Board’s incredible history website

I’ve been writing for a US website, the Navy General Board, for a couple of years now. They are building up a wide array of reference articles on naval history, a fair number of them by Yours Truly.

Henry Grace a’Dieu (‘Henry, by Grace of God’) – also known as the ‘Great Harry’. Public domain, via Wikipedia.

The NGB have a strong presence on Facebook and a major website – and that’s only the beginning. Now, you might think naval history isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, as it were (or, if you’re in the Royal Navy, cup of cocoa with a knob of butter in it). Personally I think naval history has something for just about everybody. Get this:

There is, of course, a lot more – from the way the 5’3″ Admiral Sir Thomas ‘Tom Thumb’ Phillips managed to under-estimate the Japanese to First World War spy stuff, and the adventure of Germany’s last U-boat in southern waters – off my home town, Napier, in 1945.

Jump over and check it out!

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