The obscure word of the week is donkra

This week’s obscure English word is donkra.

This is a rather cool biological term referring to a hybrid animal produced as the offspring of a male donkey and a female zebra. Apparently such an animal is also known as a ‘zebra hinny’ or a ‘zebrinny’, among other terms.

Your challenge? Well, let me explain. I wonder about mis-using the word ‘donkra’ as an adjective. It’s one of those concatenations that carries a familiar sound, but isn’t quite. And hey, English is a language that so swiftly adopts to new usages… so – an adjective as opposed to a noun? Can you think of a possible use?

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5 thoughts on “The obscure word of the week is donkra

  1. Is it cheating to add an ending to create the adjective Donkratic? As in: “Unlike a Socratic Dialogue where questioning and reasoned arguments lead to deeper truths, a Donkratic Dialogue is when two or more stubborn people of opposing viewpoints argue at each other without listening to each other or changing their views.” (I’ve witnessed Donkratic Dialogues at family gatherings and on social media. I think the term could really catch on!!)

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