The obscure word of the week is chirospasm

This week’s obscure English word is chirospasm.

It basically means writers’ cramp – a spasm or cramp of the hand from too much hand writing. Your challenge: write a sentence or two in the comments using this word.

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4 thoughts on “The obscure word of the week is chirospasm

  1. Only those who write their novels in longhand (as I do–first draft only) get chirospasm. Or maybe those who aren’t used to writing that way and suddenly have to, like people who drive everywhere when they have to walk a long way. “Chirospasm” sounds way more interesting than “writer’s cramp,” by the way.

    1. Writing either ‘chirospasm’ or ‘writers’ cramp’ might still be enough to trigger chirospasm… 🙂 I often structurally plan what I write in longhand, but my handwriting is rubbishy to the point where typing is the only way to go after that. There’s a real benefit, I think, in using a pen-and-paper; it’s a different medium and forces different thought processes when drafting. Do you find that happens when you draft with pen-and-ink as opposed to a keyboard?

      1. One of the reasons I like drafting by hand is because it’s not easy to read what I’ve written, thus getting into a rut of fiddling with the beginning instead of forging ahead. But yes, once I move on to keying the piece into Word, I sometimes have trouble figuring out what some squiggle might be. I do think moving an idea onto paper (i.e., into words) is a different process than editing existing text.

  2. I understand the meaning, but I’m not sure my sentence is correct: I’ve been typing so much this week on my novel that I have been having chirospasms in my right hand at least ten times a day.

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