Armageddon – 2020 style

I went to Armageddon last weekend. No, not the apocalyptic destruction of the world that has been unfolding since about March. I mean the sci-fi convention held in Wellington’s Formerly Known As The Westpac Arena.

I hadn’t been for a few years. This one featured virtual visits, by link, from stars of shows I hadn’t seen and, of course, costumes. I had wondered about going as Dr Poo (same as Dr Who, only the Tardis lacks a toilet) but finally decided on a very subtle rendition of Brick from Borderlands. So subtle that the costume looked exactly like my ordinary street clothes.

It was pretty good. Lots of stalls, where I didn’t buy anything. Lots of people who kept stumbling into me. Imperial Stormtroopers. Models of the Star Wars robots – R2-3PO, for example, or is that CL4P-TP? I could have got a rather excellent wooden model of the Tardis, though for the sort of money they were charging I’d want it to actually work. There were food stands, too, where I also declined to buy anything owing to the temptation of wandering about scoffing, while hissing: ‘The SAUCE is STRONG in THIS ONE.’

I could even have voted for Cthulthu in this year’s general election, though I suspect that Cthulthu is already running the opposition party. Or is that Chucky the Clown? Anyway, it was all rather a lot of fun.

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