The obscure word of the week is empanoply

This week’s obscure English word is empanoply. It means to enclose in a full suit of armour.

It’s related, of course, to the word ‘panoply’, which today means an impressive display or collection; the prefix ’em-‘ means ‘to apply’ in this case. And I guess a fully-armoured knight was, indeed, a pretty impressive display. The stuff certainly cost enough: figures I’ve seen suggest that London armourers at the end of the Medieval period could produce a suit for around twenty pounds. This was about two years’ wages for a typical archer of the day. And that was without the cost of training and feeding the knight (who recent forensic work shows was usually built like a wrestler). So yeah, to describe the fact of being enclosed by armour ’empanoply’ probably wasn’t excessive.

Your challenge: write a sentence or two in the comments using this word.

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