Missing in action – a bit

I haven’t posted here for the past couple of weeks. Time to run my blog has been a bit sparse. Why? You’ll find out soon. Meanwhile have a guess as to what’s been going on. Have I been…

“We are from ZORG. We come in peace. Exterminate!” Public domain.
  1. Kidnapped by aliens from the planet Zorg.
  2. Founded a death metal band and got busy recording a string of No. 1 hits, all with titles using the formula: “<pretentious adverb> of <pretentious noun>”.
  3. Defamed (again) by the local military-historical in-crowd for daring to write a book that they, and only they, decided intruded into their property.
  4. Won a giant lottery prize and am whooping it up on a 200-foot luxury yacht in the Caribbean.
  5. Involved with something rather exciting involving writing that I haven’t mentioned to anybody yet (much).

I’d like to say it was (2) followed by (4). As a further clue, (3) actually did happen, but that hasn’t soaked much time yet. Hey – it could be something else entirely. Any guesses? (Personally I still like the idea of holidaying in the Caribbean after recording a death metal album, but maybe that’s just me…).

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11 thoughts on “Missing in action – a bit

  1. I’m holding out for a kidnap by the Zorg, who replicated you with programming for a death metal band while they disguise their flying saucer as a luxury yacht, cruising somewhere in the Adriatic ….

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