I won a national writing award

This week I won a national writing award for my book for schools, The New Zealand Wars. The Storylines Notable Book lists included this title in its YA non-fiction category.

I’m quite pleased about that. I wrote the book intentionally for the YA market, but it’s there for all ages and is intended as a quick introduction to the New Zealand Wars of the 1845-1872 period (strictly speaking, the dates are a bit arbitrary, but hey, the book explains…) There is usually an award ceremony, but whether that’s going ahead under current Covid-19 restrictions isn’t yet clear.

The book is available at all good New Zealand bookshops, or online direct from the publisher. Click through and check it out.

The NZ Series: The New Zealand Wars

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2021

16 thoughts on “I won a national writing award

  1. Outstanding, Matthew! Being in the States, I can only afford your ebooks, but your research is fantastic. It is good the young adults have someone like you to teach their history!

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          1. -sigh- I guess it was inevitable. It seems we’ve all reached the point at which letting the unvaccinated expire no longer causes any angst. Or moral outrage. It’s happened here in NSW and VIC, and eventually it will spread to the other states too. Not too fond of homo sapiens at the moment.

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  2. Yeah, this is pretty great, Michael! Canada is more like Australia’s size than New Zealand, population-wise, so national prizes are huge and too few. I’d be pleased to win my provincial prize (in a province of 160,000!). Well done!

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