A dozen years with WordPress – and what’s next

According to WordPress, I’ve been blogging for 12 years this week. Time flies. Back in 2010 I’d never have guessed where the blogging path might lead.

And where has that path gone? First and foremost, I’ve made some great blogging friends – people who’ve been in regular contact with me, both via the blog, via Facebook and by email, in some cases for much of that time. I value this very greatly.

That experience also underscores the future that Arthur C. Clarke predicted in 1963 when he declared that free communication around the world – which to him involved a device in every home – would revolutionise how humanity connected. He was, I believe, the only one of his generation to see the early 21st century as bringing us something other than mega-skyscrapers, flying cars and Moon colonies.

In that same time I’ve written 2,275 posts. I’ve also written, outside blogging, innumerable book reviews, feature articles and books. I can’t be bothered counting – the list is on my website. It’s the only official bibliography of my material. I’ve got to update it with 8 articles written for a lifestyle magazine, but it’s otherwise complete. Don’t believe what you see on Google or Goodreads, both of whom have mixed me up with other authors of the same name.

Where next? In that dozen years I’ve also gone full-time writing, which has involved an immense amount of effort, and social media has occasionally had to fall by the wayside. But I do intend keeping this blog going.

How long I an keep blogging for, of course, is moot. When I started this blog, the world was just emerging from a near-brush with a second great depression – dubbed the ‘General Financial Crisis’. It came about because of the way the neo-liberal revolution that began in the late 1970s had freed up financial markets, which then ran rampant. And it wasn’t properly fixed; governments merely purchased their way back to prosperity and didn’t change the system. Today it’s ripe and ready for a collapse that will make the Great Depression of the 1930s look like a kiddie adventure.

On top of that, today we have a pandemic that has been raging for two full years, mobs that have tried to occupy Parliamentary grounds in some of the world’s top democracies – including New Zealand’s – and now the first serious territorial war in Europe since 1945, this time backed with a nuclear threat. Social media has become an all-encompassing underpinning to daily life for a vast number of people, bringing with it a new wave of weird and wonderful ‘conspiracy’ theories and odd beliefs which, to a large extent, are what has driven the civil unrest of late. Plus we are suffering the very obvious effects of climate change which, in this initial phase, is more like climate chaos.

All this adds up to a multi-pronged crisis that starts to make the twenty-first century also look like humanity’s final century. Our species cannot carry on down this path for long, and the end of our civilisation cannot be far off if something is not done, very, very quickly, to fix it. The spectre of catastrophic financial collapse, widespread war and unruly mobs outside Parliamentary doors is not something that can be ignored.

So yeah, I do intend keeping on blogging as long as possible. But who knows what the next dozen years will bring? Stay safe, my friends, and here’s to some positive connections between people around the world – together, as humanity, working to improve life for all.

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34 thoughts on “A dozen years with WordPress – and what’s next

  1. Thanks, Matthew. I’m a mere novice blogger compared to you, but the great thing I’ve found through blogging is linking with people like yourself across the world, who always have something interesting to say and an adept way of saying it. Yes do carry on!

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  2. I hesitated to start a blog because of their reputation as ranters and constant complainers. Where would I find people who like family history or just plain non-fiction material? But in the past 9 1/2 years, I have so many pleasant and interesting fellow bloggers – it boggles the mind!!
    Keep up your good work, Matthew!!

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    1. It’s the community that keeps me blogging. Where else could you meet so many kindred spirits drawn together by shared interests? Or just a love of superb writing? 😀

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    2. Thanks and much appreciated. Yes, I’ve found the experience rewarding. As far as I can tell the ranters/complainers live on other social media. Part of the reason, I suspect, is that blog-length commentaries allow more carefully nuanced and discursive content. And the other part, I suspect, is that thoughtful content in turn attracts reasonable people who think reasonably!

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  3. Thanks for the throw back. In some respects it is difficult to imagine how life was 12 years ago and doubly difficult to look ahead 12 years when I will be 85 if still kicking around.
    Keep up the blogging, it is appreciated.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, it’s amazing how much has changed in the last dozen years – and what, quite certainly, will change in the next dozen. I think our current civilisation is approaching a distinct turning point. Which way it will go, of course, is moot; but we must live in hope. I do expect to blog about it, of course…


  4. How nice to reach the dozen year mark. I enjoyed your post here and glad you re still sticking around – also, enjoyed your succinct summary about some of the very serious threats we face – and Dr. Zach Bush has some similar sentiments as yours – and he also notes how the sperm count is going down for men which is another HUGE threat (and women fertility is also in question) and I will add that the contaminated (GMO and deadly glyphosates) and chemical foods (like industrial seed oils that scar the liver – ie. canola and sunflower oil) is hurting human health from the inside out.
    Just heard that there might be bio-warfare in Ukraine right now and that add to the climate chaos and impact us all.
    anyhow, here is to hoping for the best and best wishes in your next 12 years and then some

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    1. Thank you – and yeah, if I can keep blogging more than another dozen years, I intend to. The issue is less my desire to proceed as the possibility of something horrible happening to the supporting infrastructure on the back of civilisation taking a downswing. We’ll see – but I’ll definitely try to blog about it!

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  5. 🙂 Matthew, congratulations on making it through to twelve years of blogging.

    There are bloggers who gave up on their blogs in a matter of weeks.

    Also, it is nice to know that you plan on continuing blogging on your blog.

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  6. Twelve years? That’s a lifetime in digital space. Congratulations, Matthew, even if this anniversary comes at a time of spiralling crisis. If you’re still here blogging in twelve years time, hopefully we’ll all be here cheering you on. 🙂

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    1. Thanks. Yes, a dozen years is about half the time the internet has been ubiquitous, I think. I certainly intend to make the effort to be around online another dozen – the issue won’t be any decision of mine, I suspect, but if something happens to our civilisation – for which the world is clearly at a turning point just now.

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  7. Congratulations on the anniversary! I’ve always marvelled at how dedicated you’ve been to your blog, while also juggling your other writing commitments! But I’m glad that you are, I always value your expertise and generosity, and its been a privilege to get to know you over the years. Here’s to another dozen years!

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  8. I’m very glad to hear that you’re not going to stop blogging. You had me worried for a moment there! I truly appreciate being able to read your perspective on history, past and present.

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  9. Congratulations on the time and content. I sense that historical shift that’s trying hard to happen, but that those in power are resisting. When I say, “in power,” I don’t necessarily mean government leaders. For me, it’s the storm approaching that I can sense, but can’t yet see, because that’s how my mind works. Your blog, though, explains what I sense, thus helping me to make sense of it all. Thank you for that.

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  10. Happy blogging anniversary, Matthew! Like you, I believe something has to give; whatever that may be, it will be sooner than later. There was a time I might have ventured a guess as to how the world might end—you know, like the poet Robert Frost’s fire or ice—now I know the folly of that thinking for it seems I do not know much about my own species, and from what I have learned of humanity in the last six years, I can’t say I want to know more. All of that said, I am all in for pulling together to right this ship. It’s not that we can’t do it, it’s that we must.

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