The obscure word of the week is bardolatry

This week’s obscure English word is bardolatry. It means to like Shakespeare excessively. Really. I mean, sure, every high school kid was tortured by those stupid sonnets which were first made boring by the English teacher, then rammed at them for over-analysis. But apparently there are some people who get quite enthusiastic about the Immortal Bard (hence ‘bardolatry’).

Personally I would have been a a bardolate much earlier than I actually was, if only the education system had used that scene from Twelfth Night where Malvolio reads out the faked letter from Countess Olivia, or the Latin lesson from the Merry Wives of Windsor. And had I known Shakespeare as a kid, I’d have appreciated a lot sooner that the insults Dr Smith endlessly gave the robot in the original Lost In Space were entirely Shakespearean in style and cadence. Improvised, apparently, by Jonathan Harris.

Mind you, the English teacher I had at high school also rendered Catch-22 an exercise in dullness, so go figure.

Your challenge: write a sentence or two in the comments about the Immortal Bard.

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