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Wright_AuthorPhoto2014_LoI’m a New Zealand writer. I have qualifications in music, history and anthropology, among other fields, hold multiple post-graduate degrees in history, and am a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society at University College, London. I published my first short story in 1976 and since the early 1980s have worked extensively as a writer, professional historian, reviewer and journalist. My work over the past 30 years includes more than 500 articles, academic papers, reviews and over 50 books on topics ranging from travel guides to biography, engineering, military and social history. I am published principally by Penguin Random House.

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  2. […] sail, and the stars and the ocean current for your guide. Me? I’d rather have stayed home. Mathew Wright, historian, says that carbon dating indicates Maori landed in New Zealand around 1250 AD. Which […]

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