The modern face of earthquakes in New Zealand

The latest batch of quakes to hammer central New Zealand got me thinking. In past decades the usual face of such events were street-scapes of broken buildings and scattered debris, typified by the ruin that struck Napier and Hastings in 1931. That disaster cued more than half a century of active quake-proofing measures, bolstered by … More The modern face of earthquakes in New Zealand

This week’s NaNo writing inspiration

Stuck for ideas? Here’s a photo I took inside Sir Peter Jackson’s amazing ‘Knights of the Sky’ exhibition at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre near Blenheim. This awesome 1:1 scale diorama has a story attached to it, involving a Kiwi pilot, seen here outside his aircraft, piloting it down after suffering severe control-surface damage – … More This week’s NaNo writing inspiration