Inspirations: steampunking with Dr Grordbort

One of the benefits of living in Wellington, New Zealand, is that I share a city with the talented folks at Weta. One of whom, Greg Broadmore, has made a splash lately with his steampunk-themed stories of early twentieth century male idiocy, ray guns and – uh – other ray guns. There’s something fundamentally cool about … More Inspirations: steampunking with Dr Grordbort

Worldbuilding: where’s my Star Trek transporter?

I always enjoy the original Star Trek, mainly because it was really funny – Kirk and McCoy especially. Spock was the straight man in the comedy trio. It was pretty futuristic with hand-held phones, transporters, warp drive, deflector shields. And a lot of it came true…er…a bit. So is this a good model (no pun intended) … More Worldbuilding: where’s my Star Trek transporter?

Worldbuilding: card characters for novelists

Ever been stuck sorting out characters for your story? Especially secondary characters that you can’t put too much time into but which still need that realistic edge. Today I thought I’d share an ideas trick that might work for you. A card game. That’s right. A card game. Alice in Wonderland style, slightly. Here’s how. Make a … More Worldbuilding: card characters for novelists

Hemingway’s writing rules and art deco

It was Ernest Hemingway, I think, who thrust modern writing upon the twentieth century. His words were unadorned prose, stripped of its adjectives. Plain, straight-forward language that drew the reader closer to the gritty reality of the human condition that he was exploring. He wrote the shortest and most poignant story I’ve ever read. “For … More Hemingway’s writing rules and art deco