Writing inspirations – jumping back to 1938

There is little in this photo to say it isn’t the 1930s. The car – a Packard Six – dates to 1935. The building behind is an early example of deco-age streamline design from 1932.

Wright_1935Packard I took it during the annual ‘art deco’ weekend in Napier, New Zealand. But it makes me think; it’s too easy to look at old black-and-white photos and forget that, way back when, the world was in colour for those living through it. Henry Ford insisted that customers could have any colour, as long as it was black; but by the 1930s cars were emerging in pastel shades – typified by the cream of this immaculate 1935 Packard Six. That highlights one of the essentials of writing; infusing colour – in all its meanings – into writing. A thought to inspire. Copyright © Matthew Wright 2015

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3 thoughts on “Writing inspirations – jumping back to 1938

  1. Now you had to know this post would suck Mom right in…a vintage car, and of all makes…a Packard. They started out being made in Detroit–Motor City. But production was soon moved to here in Indiana, along side the Studebaker plant at South Bend in the shadow of the storied Golden Dome at the center of the University of Notre Dame’s campus! Here in the cornfields, we love our cars–especially Indy Cars–and we adore Notre Dame football. All hail–a Packard! 🙂

    1. There were a lot of Packards on display in Napier, including a 1939 wood panel version of the Six which was to my immediate left as I took the photo in this post. I must publish the pix I took of it.

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